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Bus Accident Attorneys San Diego

San Diego is a large city and many people use buses for public transportation. Whether is is children taking a school bus, MTS bus riders, or passengers on an interstate bus trip, thousands of people in San Diego rely on bus transportation each every day.

When someone gets onto a bus, he or she trusts that the driver is properly licensed, well-rested and ready to operate the bus in the safest way possible to protect the safety of all passengers. A bus passenger also trusts that the vehicle has been properly inspected and designed, and that all parts of the bus are fully operational. However, bus accidents do occur, and oftentimes it is the result of negligence on the part of the bus driver, bus company or bus manufacturer. When passengers are seriously injured in a San Diego bus accident, they may be able to take action to hold any and all wrongdoers accountable.

When involved in a bus accident, the consequences can be significant, possibly even more so than a typical car accident. There are more victims, more responsible parties, and injuries can potentially be much more serious because of the lack of safety equipment like airbags and seat belts. This can lead to further soft tissue, spinal cord, and brain injuries. For that reason, you probably will want to contact an experienced, qualified attorney to help you with your claim. A bus accident claim is likely to be very complex and you will want to have someone to help you to maximize your recovery.

Filing a bus accident lawsuit can be a complex process, as there are a number of entities who may be liable for the accident. If a third party driver struck the bus or caused the accident, an attorney at the law offices of Howard A. Kitay may be able to help you recover compensation through a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent driver or their insurance company; however, if the bus driver caused the accident, the process may not be as straightforward. If the bus is owned and operated by the government, your attorney will first attempt to negotiate a settlement with the government’s insurance company. If your claim is denied, you may be required to file a claim against the government itself. It is imperative to retain an attorney who has experience in these type of lawsuits to help ensure you receive full compensation for your losses. There are strict rules and deadlines that must be followed to collect compensation in California, and without the assistance of a San Diego attorney from the law offices of Howard A. Kitay, you may lose your chance to recover damages.

The experienced San Diego bus accident attorneys at the law offices of Howard A. Kitay are here to offer you their professional services in this difficult time. With over two decades of extensive litigation experience, attorney Kitay has the skills needed to make your case a success. Our attorneys have the legal and medical know how to assess the circumstances surrounding a bus crash and to fully evaluate the pain, suffering and potentially long-term health consequences that you face. Our San Diego bus accident attorneys provide the strong and determined advocates you need to ensure that insurance companies are made to pay the full extent of damages applicable in your situation.

Over the years our firm has helped our clients recover millions of dollars in compensation. This fact alone illustrates that we are serious about seeking justice for our injured clients. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus accident contact our office today at 619-578-2222 for a free initial legal consultation.

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